Cedar Wraps

Cedar wraps add a subtle smokey flavour to Freshwater King Salmon - available now

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon is not only devoted to producing a superior tasting salmon but we also provide culinary guidance and inspiration. The cooking process is a key opportunity to enhance and complement the unique taste and texture of our salmon.

Cedar wraps add a subtle smokey flavour during cooking, plus add a creative flair to the table. Cedar Wraps can be used to grill, bake or steam salmon by following our three easy steps:

1 – soak & season

Soak cedar wrap in water for 30 minutes. Oil one side of the cedar paper and season salmon with salt and pepper.

2 – flavour & roll

Place the salmon on top of the cedar wrap and add preferred choice of flavourings. Roll up and tie with twine.

3 – cook & enjoy

Cook in a preheated oven at 225°C for 15 minutes, or BBQ – keep a spray bottle of water in case the wood catches light!

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