First of Season Caviar 2024

First of Season Caviar- New Zealand's first premium salmon caviar experience produced by Mt Cook Alpine Salmon. Indulge in this limited time product!

Caviar connoisseurs rejoice! The wait is over as Mt Cook Alpine Salmon announces the official opening of New Zealand’s Freshwater King Salmon caviar season today.

These prized pearls, harvested from specially selected King Salmon thriving in the pristine alpine waters of the Mackenzie Country, will grace the menus of top New Zealand restaurants, lodges, and select retailers for a limited time only.

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon, the only New Zealand company growing Salmon for caviar, takes pride in its artisanal approach. Their premium caviar is hand-selected, free of preservatives and chemicals, and made using the traditional Malossol or Japanese Ikura method. This commitment to quality means the caviar season starts and ends when nature dictates.

Since its debut three years ago, Mt Cook Alpine Salmon First of Season Caviar has garnered a devoted following, particularly in Auckland. “The demand has surpassed all expectations,” says CEO David Cole. “Our King Salmon’s renowned fresh, clean flavour translates beautifully into the caviar, and it’s truly captured the imagination and tastebuds of some of our country’s top chefs.”

Sidart Restaurant Owner and Executive Chef Lesley Chandra is looking forward to the new season of Mt Cook Alpine Salmon caviar. “I believe it to be the world’s best salmon caviar. To have it made here locally with world-class standards – we are very lucky.”

Chef Roy Giam Director of Culinary, F&B from SO/ Auckland echoed this sentiment. “I was so excited to discover the product when it launched and proud to be the first chef in NZ to order the caviar. I’m such a huge fan that I’d create caviar-first dishes to incorporate caviar. New Zealand salmon caviar is the most underrated product. Who else can produce something so fresh, steeped in nature, and delicious?”

Chef Roy’s enthusiasm for the product has led to a special “The First of Season: A Caviar Celebration” planned for June 13 at SO/Auckland’s rooftop bar, featuring caviar, champagne, a delicious caviar cocktail and an exclusive caviar infusion. There will also be Freshwater King Salmon sashimi for those who love the salmon itself.  Tickets and more details here.

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon First of Season Caviar is made to order and is available at restaurants and retailers here. The caviar can be enjoyed as ‘Malossol’ – the traditional Russian method that gently brines the roe, or ‘Ikura’, a Japanese classic method of curing using soy and sake.

Where to find the 2024 Caviar 

The 2024 Caviar will be available at some of New Zealand’s leading restaurants. Follow us on Instagram where we will be showcasing restaurants & eateries serving it. A few of the restaurants are listed below. We will endeavor to update where we can.


Coromandel Peninsula


You can get your hands on your own tin of fresh caviar at the following stores

First of Season Caviar 2024

22 May, 2024 | Posted in: News