Twizel Community Update

The aquaculture industry in the Mackenzie Region is privileged to be deemed an essential service and required to focus on business continuity.

Employees are required to operate the farms to ensure fish welfare is maintained, to grow fish as part of the food sector, and to supply fish to market. We consider this an important responsibility, and continue to work to ensure that our staff, their families, and our community remain safe and healthy.

At Mt Cook Alpine Salmon we have six sites in this area, all of which will continue to operate as individual entities. We have made changes and created new protocols to ensure the safety of staff and the public, as follows:

  1. All six sites have been barriered off, allowing entry to staff only. This means that sites will be locked where possible, with cones and barriers used as well.
  2. Travel between sites is restricted. We have instituted strict rules around movement between sites for both our staff and our suppliers (e.g. Mackenzie Supply Services, couriers, and maintenance contractors).
  3. Staff have been issued cards identifying them as Mt Cook Alpine Salmon employees. They will be required to drive to and from work, pick up essential work supplies, and conduct business to ensure our fish on all farms continue to be cared for. Our staff are also required to be in uniform/high-vis.


Salmon sales: Locals who need a salmon fix, or who know a relative or friend who would benefit from receiving a pack by courier, can continue to purchase Mt Cook Alpine Salmon through online ordering Click here

Our goal is to keep producing fish, and to maintain protocols that ensure all our staff and our community continue to remain safe. It is our intention to keep as many staff working as we can, and by doing so, to keep supporting their families, local businesses, and the community.

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22 May, 2024 | Posted in: News