Ponzu salad

PONZU is our tangy citrus soy sauce - an aromatic flavour which is remarkably refreshing. A light combination of yuzu, shoya and dashi creates a finely balanced soy sauce. Will add a little zest to salads, sushi or sashimi - like our favourite Ponzu Sashimi Salad below!


Boneless skinless Mt Cook Alpine Salmon
Asian noodles (we’ve used soba noodles.)
Your favourite fresh salad greens
Hireloom tomatoes
Avocado oil
Mt Cook Alpine Salmon Ponzu sauce


  1. First pick your greens.
  2. Slice boneless skinless Mt Cook Alpine Salmon into 4mm thick pieces.
  3. Assemble with your favourite Asian noodles, heirloom tomatoes and greens.
  4. Season, then drizzle with Mt Cook Alpine Salmon Ponzu sauce and avocado oil.


*Mt Cook Alpine Salmon Tosa sauce is available at: Farro Fresh, BV Gourmet, Raeward Fresh and the Mt Cook Alpine Salmon shop at Lake Pukaki. Our sauce packs are also available on our online shop. Click here

Ponzu salad

07 Dec, 2020 | Posted in: Recipes