In Korea, Bibimbap is a throw together usually eaten for lunch or dinner. It’s flexible in terms of ingredients as long as there is an egg, gochujang and soy sauce.

Although perhaps not traditional, kimchi also makes it into our pantry list for ease of use and adding a little sting.

Serves 4


4 bowls of your favourite warm cooked rice
4 x 125g portions of boneless salmon
4 x 6min boiled eggs
4 x 50g of julienne of carrots
1 bunch watercress
Soy bean sprouts
½ cup of kimchee
Toasted sesame seeds
Gochujang sauce (red hot pepper paste)
Korean soy sauce


  1. Season salmon with salt 20 mins before cooking
  2. Crisp the skin of the salmon portions and sear on each side until medium rare
  3. Arrange the vegetables on top of the rice, add kimchee, gochujang sauce and sesame seeds to taste, top with the salmon
  4. Serve and season further with soy sauce if desired and start mixing
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22 May, 2024 | Posted in: News