Ian’s Canned Salmon

Moeraki-based commercial fisherman Ian Sinclair holidayed in Twizel for many years. During that time he indulged his passion for freshwater salmon and trout fishing.

What makes a professional salt water fisherman choose to chase fish in canals, rivers and lakes on his days off? “I love the peace of fresh water fishing, the Mackenzie country is such a beautiful area.”

Ian has now semi-retired to Twizel and works for Mt Cook Alpine Salmon. 18 months ago his friend Barry gave him a food canner. “…Barry is about 70 now and he learned to can off his father…I think the machine originally came from Kippenburgers in Oamaru.”

Ian notes that…”you can get canners off TradeMe and the cans online, but they aren’t cheap.” He has been canning his catch ever since.


1) Cutting salmon. “Its best to cut big chunks”
2) Filling cans. “leaving the bones in helps the curing”
3) Adding brine: 1 tsp malt vinegar, 1 tsp quality olive oil, ½ tsp salt. “Malt vinegar makes a difference”
4) Sealing can. “make sure the edge of the can has a smooth seal and there’s no leaks”
5) Pressure cooking: one and a half hours at 10 psi. “Keep adjusting the heat to maintain the correct pressure”
6) “Leave at least five months to cure”

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22 May, 2024 | Posted in: News